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The Bonita version Bar offers all kinds of drinks, from soft to refreshing cocktails.

Bonita cocktails
Cocktail Sex on the Beach.

We bartenders: 

You will concoct cocktails with or without alcohol throughout the day and before your eyes.
Starting from the celebrated Mojito and passing by the Moscow Mule, our cocktails will be presented to you at a single price of €8.
Come and taste one of our 35 essentials!


The little bits will not be left out with our Virgin Cocktail in number 7, all for €6. What to do like the big ones!


Bar side: 

You can also enjoy a spirit on the terrace and make your choice in our selection of Whiskey, rum or Vodka.
We have at your disposal a wide choice of liqueurs and digestive in order to finish your meals best!

and the Baristas: 

You can also count on our teas and brews for quieter moments during the day. A desire for originality? Come and test our coffee-based cocktails! Hot or cold, with or without alcohol, come and discover new tastes.


Beer at the pressure
Draught beer