Cocktail Menu



Cocktails with alcohol

Single Price of €8

* Mojito: rum, lime, mint, sugar, carbonated water
* Caipirinha: cachaça, lime, sugar, crushed ice
* Daiquiri: white rum, lime, sugar, crushed ice
* Sex on the beach: vodka, fishing liquor, orange juice, grenadine
* San Francisco: Vodka, orange juice, pineapple juice, fishing juice, grenadine
* Margarita: Tequila, triple sec, lemon juice, crushed ice
* Caipiroska: vodka, lemon juice, sugar, crushed ice
* Pina Colada: white rum, malibu, milk, pineapple juice
* Blue Lagoon: vodka, Coraçao, lime, lemonade
* Strawberry Margarita: Tequila, strawberry juice, lemon juice, chile Piquin
* Tequila Sunrise: Tequila, orange juice, grenadine
* Cosmopolitan: Vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, blueberry juice
* Bonita: Rum, tequila, gin, lemonade, Coraçao
* Bikini: Vodka, white rum, milk, lemon juice, sugar
* Verano Feliz: Vodka, triple sec, orange juice
* Macambo: White rum, gin, pineapple juice
* Strawberry Daiquiri: white rum, lime, strawberry liqueur, strawberry
* Cubano: Black rum, lemon juice, grenadine, mint, crushed ice
* Royal martini: White Martini, cava, lemon, sugar, ice
* Margarita Corona: Triple dry, orange liqueur, corona, lemon juice, orange juice
* Americano: Campari, Red Martini, sparkling water, orange and lemon pucks
* Strawberry Caipiroska: Vodka, lime juice, strawberry liquor, sugar, strawberry, crushed ice
* White Russian: vodka, gin, bailleys, milk
* Moscow Mule: vodka, lime juice, ginger beer schweppes, lime, cucumber
* Mai Thai: white rum, amber rum, triple sec, sugar, lime juice, barley
* Manhattan: Whiskey, vermouth Roueg, cherry to the water of life
* Cuba libre: rum, lime juice, Coca Cola
* Tom Collins: gin, lemon juice, sugar, carbonated water
* Dry Martini: gin or vodka, vermouth
* Wiskey sour: bourbon, sugar, lemon juice, egg white
* Negroni: Gin, Campari, red vermouth
* OLD fashion: wiskey, sugar, orange, carbonated water

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Single Price of €6

* Virgin Mojito
* Virgin Pina
* Virgin San Francisco
* Virgin Coco Loco
*Virgin Gin tonic
* Chantoco: orange juice, melon juice, lemon juice, strawberry syrup
* Lemonade House
* Homemade Iced Tea


Coffee cocktails

Single Price of €6

* Bonita Coffee: Whisky, espresso, sugar, milk
* Crema Café: Baileys, espresso, milk cream, coffee cream, ice cream
* Espresso Martini: Espresso, Baileys, vodka
* Great chocolate: Espresso, Chocolate, Grand Marnier, bourbon, orange
* Affogato: Espresso, vanilla ice cream