For lunch


Complete Dishes

Gourmet Sandwich XXL: * Tuna €13.50
                                                 * Serrano Ham €13.50

Hamburger Bistro and Fries €15
(Steak 180gr butcher, homemade sauce)

Fish & Chips Salad €12.50

Cuttlefish with board and fries €15

Fried Mussels (1kg): * middies Sauce €14
                                            * €14 Cream Sauce
                                            * Roquefort Sauce €14
                                            * €14 Chorizo Sauce

tab skewer and fries, salad €16

Californian Ribs and french fries €14


Sauce Supplement: €2
* Pepper
* Roquefort
* Chimichuri

All our meats are of French origin.
Our dishes are prepared from fresh products prepared on the spot.
Beef Burger Homemade sauce


The corner of the salads XXL   

Empuriabrava: (mesclun salad, tomatoes, artichokes, pepper, corn, chicken taper, fried onions, caesar sauce)

Holidays: (carrots, tomatoes, marinated peppers, salad, soy, hot honey goat bread)

Rosas: (Tomatoes, mesclum salad, corn, artichokes, serrano ham)



Profiterolles €8
Catalan Cream €5
Strawberry Charlotte €8

All our desserts are homemade, on site.
Chocolate flowing





For the CHERUBINS    

Fried Nuggets Tomato
Fish & Chips Salad
Small Fried Mussels
Spaghetti Bolognese
Mini Fried Burger

DESSERT: An ice cream scent to choose from.
* Chocolate
* Vanilla
* Strawberry
* Caramel