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Bellota Ham

Shrimp Panka €6
Mussels Allioli Chorizo €5.50
Mussels Vinaigrette €4
Squid Andaluz €6
tartares bravas (homemade sauce) €5
Chipirones €5
Assorted Croquettes €4
Tapenade Green Olives €3.50
Tapenade Olives Black €3.50
Gordal Stuffed Olives (homemade) €3
herbed olives (homemade) €2
Ham Bellota 80gr €24

Andalusian Octopus

100gr Serrano Ham €14
Pan con Tomato €4
Pan con gluten-free tomato €4
Spreads small Chorizo griddle €3
Sliced compote with Brie fondue €4.50
Sliced vegetables Tapenade Sardines €4.50
Sobrasada Toasted cheese spreads €4
Tortilla spread (homemade) €4
Rillette Tuna Spreads €4
Anchovy slices €5
Allioli €2
Guacamole €3.50
Pepper Chips €3
Classic Chips (gluten-free) €3

Mussels Allioli Chorizo


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Spanish €28
Serrano Ham (100gr), Bellota Ham (50gr), sausage, dried sausage, chorizo, butiffara, tomato bread (or gluten-free bread)

Sliced brie, chorizo, tapenade, Andalusian calamari, potato bravas, serrano ham, tomato bread (or gluten-free bread)

Mixed €29
Manchego cheese (old and young), fondue Brie, serrano ham, dried sausage, chorizo, lomo, white Bull, tomato bread (or gluten-free bread)

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